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have not updated in forever! i have lots of pics to post soon from sea world which was awesome and pics of me n mal. yah im in school right now with stef and we are BRAINSTORMERS. haha. sweet. how was everyone's weekend? mine rocked. well peace out girl scout. <ilu (u kno who u r).
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cant wait

yesssss. i cant wait for this weekend! friday i get to go to the mall with my lovely gfs mal and trina. then meeting at katys. and on saturday SEA WORLD cheer competition! woop woop. im so excited. hahahaha im watching americain idol and this really bad singer named valentin is going. oh yah back to my plans....sunday we get to actually go to sea world and have fun. cant wait. sooo what are you doing this weekend? cmnt and tell.
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found this...

Comment and tell me...

what song i remind you of.

what character/celebrity i remind you of.

what single word describes me.

copy and put this in your LJ when finished!

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friday night will rock

tomorrow=fun: i know you are jealous that im hanging with the wonderful mallory and erin and we are going to go to the movies and have SO much fun. peace out girl scout.
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3 day weekend

so this 3-day weekend has had its ups and downs....

friday: picked up mallory from her house and then we went to mama liones for pizza. yum. then we went to the movies and saw IN GOOD COMPANY. it was pfg (except for the ending). we saw hannah and rebecca and casie there. harleigh and alex were there too but i never saw them. tear. after the movies mal spent the night nad we played scene it and frogger and stuff. it was sweet.

saturday: mal and i played trivial persuit 20th anniversary but didnt know ANY of the answers. except elvis. hehe. so we switched the cards with my disney ones. yesss. and mal won.FINALLY! lol. when she left i studied for bio test. yuck. then i went to dinner with my fam. after i babysat and made 6o bucks.

sunday: taught lil kids about god for community service. then i came home and started working on my french calendar. grosssss. then i had cheer and it wasnt a very good practice. i only got to practice with seniors for like 30 min. cuz juniors had a 4 hour practice. i was mad bcuz i got moved in the dance but courtney said shes moving me back. yesssss. then i went home and watched the golden globes and talked on the phone.

monday: well today i have been working on my french project still and now i have to finish it and study for bio. I HATE HOMEWORK. if u dont go to pine view....BE GLAD! so im off to boredom now.

im out like a fat girl playing dodgeball. <<33 brit

ps. comment nad tell my the highlight of your weekend if u want. =] !

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i just wanted to say that...I LIKE MY UGGS! okay? even tho people make fun of me for them...i dont really give a shit. so you can make fun of me all you want and ill keep wearing them. wow this feels good to say this to everyone! comment if youd like to. =]
<33 brittany
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i just picked out my person for art class...im doing derek boshier.  here is a picture he painted. like it?


^^^i think u can tell its called jollygood, like hollywood but better. =]

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starting line!

why did you say
this feeling has to stay
left me to wait for so long

you dont have to stay
but i hope that you would anyway
all you do is up and go

i <3 that song

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